Splint Seat Weaving kit
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If you want to weave a
splint weave seat
(or back)
that looks like this:

Splint Seat Weaving

I wrote this pattern to compliment the Herringbone Weave booklet.
This is the same basic tradition weave, only using wider materials.
This pattern speaks of days gone by, a successful early chair
bottom. Splint was readily manufactured 'down on the farm' for
baskets and chair seating. It is considered not as formal as
Rushing. However once you master this pattern, you may move
on to others such as the Diamond Weave. From there your
imagination is the limit.

The weave may appear difficult at first,
but with these instructions your project will go easy.
The book discussed different widths, as well as joining and
finishing techniques.

There have been recently several 'knockoffs'
to this pattern book.
They say imitation is flattery, but the directions
are distressing to me.
It is important to weave a solid, tight seat, your time and
craftsmanship is important.

Caning (seat weaving) is fun,
and as I discuss the frame of mind is important.
Sit back, take the pressure away, andenjoy the process.

Thank You
K C Parkinson,
here to help and answer your questions

splint seat

this is an close weave

Your weaving kit will contain:
A 1 lb. coil of Natural Reed, or Binder Cane,
an Instructional booklet, and tacks.
All you will need to re-weave
chairseatweaving kit
one chair seat in this close weave patternchairseatweaving kit
You will need:

A Chair with rungs
A hammer, scissors, a small block of wood, a ruler,
water to soak the material, and a pencil

Your Choices:
materials needed
quantities of material needed  

splint weaving instructions Splint Seat Weaving kits with (flat) reed
splint seat weaving$16.35 ea.splint seat weaving
natural, stainable
This Splint seat weaving Instruction booklet is time tested with easy to follow
hand drawn diagrams, and step by stepinstructions
that are easy to follow.

A Splint Seat Weaving seat maybe
easily woven with our kits
This is also known as splinting
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1/2 Flat Reed size kit; -- most traditional, nice weave flat reed for splint weaving
extra lots of 1/2 Flat Reed from $12.95 ea thanks for your order!
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5/8 Flat Reed size kit -- bolder appearance, not for little chairs flat reed for splint weaving
extra lots of 5/8 Flat Reed from $12.95 ea thanks for your order!
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3/4 Flat Reed size kit -- best on larger benches and chairs flat reed for splint weaving
extra lots of 3/4 Flat Reed from $12.95 ea thanks for your order!
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7/8 Flat Reed size kit -- some parts of the country like this big bold look flat reed for splint weaving
extra lots of 7/8 Flat Reed from $12.95 ea thanks for your order!
materials neededquantities of material needed
These Splint weaving seat kits are intended to re-seat an average chair seat. This pattern, may also be woven on
big old porch chairs, and large porch rockers. To re- seat a porch rocker (seat and back) three seat lots are required,
(one kit plus; 2 extra lots) or - to do just a large seat, 2 lots would be used.
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