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Dear KC,
thanks so much for sending the wedges fast-mail, I had a rewarding project for a miserable weekend. you were right, it was easy and i'll be contacting you soon to order supplies for the rest of the chairs. The hardest part for me was trimming the cane, is there a trick to this? Attached is a before/after shot for you, the spline is maybe alittle too big, it fits the groove but sticks out too much again, many many thanks for great service and patience gina mcm 02.03.04
recent vinegar trick a spectacular success.
picture is one of my "chairleaders" on finished chair-regards, earl
The chair looks great, great job
I find if there is a trick to trimming the cane, is to use a new sharp blade in your cutter.
The spline does not look out of place, quite often on these chairs the groove is shallow.
our thanks
great job, glad to help with some 'tricks of the trade' Next we need to work on trimming the hairs. my thanks KC

I bought a kit and supplies from you to re-cane the seat of a bentwood chair (the kind with a groove around the seat), and I am very happy with the results! However, my other bentwood chair does not have a groove - it has a series of holes around the seat, so it looks like (from what I could tell from your website) that I would have to hand-weave it to repair it. Is there any kind of pre-woven cane or pre-made seat that I could use on such a chair (maybe something that I could just glue on to the seat rim)? The seat is round, and 16" in diameter (the cane itself is about 15 3/8" in diameter). And if not, what is the approximate difficulty & time level for the weaving as compared to replacing the grooved kind? I tend to glue my fingers together when doing projects!

Thank you, and thanks for a great kit!


A hand cane chair is next!

please send your pictures in
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