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please send, or email your finish project to help others.... (and to show off your weaving)
porch weave My Grandpa gave me this chair 30 years ago. It was painted green and the cane was ripped out of it. I stripped the paint and then it sat until last spring (2007). I couldn't find anyone that knew how to cane, so I went to the web. I found your site and bought the materials and the book for a New England Porch Rocker. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to finding my next project. Thanks for your help. Mike
porch weave porch weave
As I said I would, I am enclosing pictures of the porch rocker that we redid. The cane was very nice, and it arrived in only one day, surprisingly. Thanks for the prompt service.

The first picture is how the chair looked before we did anything to it. Bob had to replace one arm and three rungs.

The final picture shows the completed chair. Completely refinished, re glued, re splinted. Like new almost. The rockers show wear, so you can tell it was used quite a bit in its day. We are very happy with it and wanted to share what we had done with you. If you wish to put it on your website it is fine with us.

Bob and Judy D, age 75 and 73. Old timers who don't know they can't do everything. Feb 2010

porch weave porch weave
new england porch weave rocker, seat is done in fan weave new england porch weave rocker back
porch weave please send your pictures in
to help others!
close up of New England Porch Weave:
Left to right are two parallel strands
front to back is one strand alternating.