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the Finger Lake fan weave is also a herringbone pattern, the weaving style is different.

please send, or email your finish project to help others.... (and to show off your weaving)
herringbone weave herringbone weave herringbone weave
Well, we finally finished our rocker in the herringbone weave that we rec'd from you the end of April and are very pleased with the results....our fingers may never be the same, but we love the result. HOWEVER, we have a problem in that the rocker stays on our screened porch and the flat reed that we used mildewed terribly in less than 2 weeks. Your instruction booklet says its best to leave the reed alone. What can we do to keep the mildew under control. Wedon't want the reed to dry out & crack as I doubt we would want to reweave itanytime soon. I got most of it off with vinegar & rinsed with water. Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated.....and QUICKLY TOO! Lynne B Tampa Fl
herringbone weave herringbone weave
Dear Cane and Reed,Thank you for my recent order #xxxxx. I was able to put it all to good use over the last two months. I restored an old rocker my wife obtained from her grandmother. The additional booklet was worth it, and it answered the few questions I had. My weave pattern was not as tight as the original but I think it will suffice. Please find the enclosed before & after photos for your reference or curiosity. B B
herringbone weave a nice arts and craft rocker medium binder 3 & 3
Keep condensing!!
herringbone weave herringbone weave

Here are two photos of the chair I finished. The cane and the booklet both were great. Without the book, I'm not to sure that I could have got it finished. Thank you for your help and suggestions RR 2008

looks Good!

herringbone weave please send your pictures in
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