herringbone weaving kit
a chair seat weaving kit

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If you want to weave a
herringbone seat
(or back)
that looks like this:

Herringbone Weave

I wrote this pattern early on as this is a very popular, traditional straight forward weave. This may be done on
the seat or the back of a chair or rocker. It is a very
strong pattern and woven on many seats. Learning this
weave is the basis for many other weaves.
The Finger lake Fan Weave, The Diamond Weave,
and Splint weave.

The width of the material is optional, the wider it gets it is
referred to as splint. 'A splint seat woven in the
Herringbone pattern.

The booklet discusses the different material you can use.
A smaller width weaver produces a fine detailed more
formal weave, as a wider splint will give more of a
country look. The different ways of joining or adding
on are also explained.

A seat maybe woven in the Herringbone Pattern or the
very similar Fingerlake Fan Weave pattern. and
then the back woven in New England Porch Weave
, or the Diamond Weave. or be creative and do a chevron. another alternative for a back is the Carolina Close Weave.

There have been recently several 'knockoffs'
to this pattern book.
They say imitation is flattery, but the directions
are distressing to me.
It is important to weave a solid, tight seat, your time and craftsmanship is important.

Caning (seat weaving) is fun,
and as I discuss the frame of mind is important.
Sit back, take the pressure away, and enjoy the process.

Thank You
K C Parkinson,

here to help and answer your questions


this is an close weave
more pictures

Your weaving kit will contain:
A 1 lb. coil of Natural Reed, or Binder Cane,
an instructional booklet, and tacks.
All you will need to re-weave
chir seat weaving
one chair seat in the herringbone patternchairseatweaving
You will need:
A Chair with rungs
A hammer, scissors, a small block of wood, a ruler,
water to soak the material, and a pencil
herringbone instructions This herringbone weave booklet is time tested with easy to follow
hand drawn diagrams, and step by step instructions
that are easy to follow.

A Herringbone seat or back maybe
easily woven with one of our kits

Your Choices:
Herringbone Seat kits with reed
chairseatweaving kit$16.85 ea.chairseatweaving kit
natural, stainable
materials needed
quantities of material needed
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1/4 Flat Oval Reed size kit -- nice appearance,great detail, flat oval reed for chair seat weaving
Flat Oval Reed 1/4
weaves great detail
extra lots of 1/4 Flat Oval Reed from $12.95 ea thanks for your order!
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7mm Flat Oval Reed size kit -- great bold appearance flat oval reed for chair seat weaving
Flat Oval Reed 7mm
please read about quantities of material needed.
extra lots of 7mm Flat Oval Reed from $12.95 ea thanks for your order!

chairseatweavingHerringbone Weaving kits with Binder canechairseatweaving
natural Rattan with the bark, does not stain

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Medium Binder size kit -- nice appearance, great detail binding cane for chair seat weaving
Medium Binder 5 - 5.5mm
$27.59 please read about quantities of material needed.
extra lots of medium binding cane from $24.00 ea thanks for your order!
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Wide Binder kit -- nice appearance, best on larger chairs or rockers
binding cane for chair seat weaving
Wide Binder 6 - 6.5mm

$32.49 The traditional material
extra lots of 7mm wide binding cane from $29.00 ea thanks for your order!
materials neededquantities of material needed
These herringbone seat weaving kits are intended to re-seat an average chair seat.
This pattern, may also be woven on big old porch chairs, and rockers .
To re- seat a porch rocker (seat and back) three seat lots are required,
(one kit plus; 2 extra lots) or - to do just a large seat, 2 lots would be used.
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