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My name is Dave S and I ordered a caning kit in order to complete a cedar strip canoe I was building. Earlier when I e-mailed a couple of questions, you indicated that you rarely get to see completed projects.My canoe is completely assembled and with the exception of another sanding and varnish in the spring, is ready for the lakes and rivers. Here a few pictures I took this morning. Thanx for your help in making this a rewarding project - I can't wait to see how comfortable the seats are and how well she performs on the water...
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I bought the canoe seat caning kit 12pwkc and got it installed. Was a lot easier than I thought it would be and looks very nice. I have 2 questions. Is the material natural or synthetic? Also, should I use any type of oil or varnish to protect it? I use a marine spar varnish on all the wooden parts of my canoes but I'm not sure if it should be used on the cane material.
Thanks for the great customer service.

Thanks for the good words, and congratulations, sounds like all went well for you. The material is natural, it is the outer skin or bark of the rattan vine, and very impervious to just about anything but water. Spar varnish on the spline is great. A light coat of an waterproofing oil on the underside is OK, buff the top well. If you but a finish on it, it will peel, A top coat such as varnish stiffens the cane and it will break easier.

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I ordered a canoe seat repair kit in February to fix some dry-rotted canoe seats we borrowed from friends. I finally got around to fixing the seats, only after ordering brand new ones from REI in case I couldn't do the job (they moved last week). Anyway, I wanted to say that the excellent directions worked wonderfully, and the kit was great. I am so proud of the way they looked when I finished, and I am sure our friends will enjoy the seats for years to come. And I returned the new seats, so your kit saved me $60!

Thanks, and I look forward to my next recaning project!